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Dore Illustrations

Paul Gustave Dore was a renowned artist and book illustrator, noted for his unique and evocative style. He achieved worldwide acclaim and commercial success for his artwork particularly his Bible illustrations, as well as depictions of classic books such as Paradise Lost, Orlando Furioso, and numerous historical subjects. Dore worked primarily with wood engravings but also used other mediums such as oil on canvas. Prints of Dore's works continue to be in demand. This site is dedicated to preserving

Dore Illustrationknight fighting a dragon

Dore Illustrations of Dante's Inferno

Hell (Inferno)

The surreal and grotesque imagery of Dante's Inferno illustrated by the artistry of Gustave Dore.

Purgatory (Purgatorio)

Paradise (Paradiso)

The Art of Gustave Dore

Prints of Gustave Dore

Dore's unique style makes his illustrations instantly recognizable. His black and white drawings portray vivid scenes ranging from nightmarish hells to ecstatic visions of heaven.