Scenes from the Crusades - Illustrations by Gustave Dore

Crusader Knights are Ambushed by Muslim Soldiers, a drawing by Gustave DoreAn Enemy of the CrusadersThe Tournament, by Gustave DoreThe Ordeal by Fire, by Dore
The Crusaders SurprisedAn Enemy of the CrusadersA Friendly TournamentPierre Barthelemy Undergoing the Ordeal of Fire

A crusader hero scales the walls of AntiochThe Crusaders See a Sign in the SkyThe Crusade against the MoorsDandalo Preaches in Favour of the Fourth Crusade
Bohemond alone mounts the rampart of AntiochCelestial PhenomenaThe Crusade Against the MoorsDandalo Preaching the Crusades
Frederick of Germany dies While on CrusadeEdward IIIThe Crusaders Capture ConstantinopleThe Walls of Asur
The Death of Frederick of GermanyEdward III Kills His Attempted AssassinThe Entry of the Crusaders into ConstantinopleGerard of Avesne is Exposed on the Walls
InvocationMiraclesThe Children's CrusadeCatapults
Invocation to MohammedMiracles of the CrusadeThe Children's CrusadeCrusader War Machines

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